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TaxDome Takes Part for the Second Time in Tili -Ja Veropäivät in Finland, Helsinki

TaxDome Takes Part for the Second Time in Tili -Ja Veropäivät in Finland, Helsinki
Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

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The event was held live at the Helsingin Messukeskus exhibition center,  after two years of virtual events, and the atmosphere was electric. The organizers, participants, and exhibitors were all smiles throughout the event, and the event was also broadcast partially for virtual participants, so hundreds of accountants, bookkeepers, payroll consultants and decision makers could also follow the courses and lectures to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. In total, the event had 1200 participants, half of whom attended in person.

TaxDome’s main partner in Finland since December 2021, Taloushallintoliitto (Finnish Association of Accounting, Tax and Auditing), hosted the event. TaxDome used the opportunity to network with other industry professionals, share its vision for the future of the industry and discuss how its software can play a role in driving innovation and growth.

Overall, the event was a great success for TaxDome, providing valuable exposure and connecting the company with a wide range of professionals in the industry. The TaxDome team would like to thank all participants for joining and making the event a huge success. We look forward to seeing you all again at the next Tili-ja Veropäivät.

Centralizing client communication and sharing of documents and data was a hot topic at the event

During the second day of the event, we received a lot of questions on this topic and had the chance to show exactly how software can help support daily routine work and team collaboration combined with the latest technology.

Imagine it like this: You might have one application to archive important documents that are related to your clients. You might also have another or multiple applications/ways to communicate with your clients. And, you might use another software to have clients sign your important documents and then have to pull that document into the archive application manually. How do these softwares and applications communicate with each other? If a client sends an email that includes an important document, is it saved into the document storage automatically? This doesn’t sound practical, but for most accounting firms, this is still their daily practice.

Let’s break it down into a real life example:

Accounting firm has a business client. Their main way of communication is via email, phone calls and WhatsApp. They have agreed that most of the material required to perform routine accounting and bookkeeping is shared directly into the accounting software. Every month they have a meeting to talk about the progress of the cilent’s business. The business client regularly sends emails and WhatsApp messages containing attachments, photos of receipts and vouchers, minutes of board meetings which require signature of attendees and more important documents that need to be stored or handled by the Accounting firm. The Accounting firm receives on a regular basis around 100 emails, 20 phone calls and 50 WhatsApp messages a day from all their clients. 

Business client sends an email to the Accounting firm containing minutes of a board meeting conducted the same day and it needs to be signed by all parties electronically. The accounting firm receives the email, reads it, saves the attached document to the local drive on their computer and uploads it to the electronic signature software. They send it to all parties that are listed in the minutes of the meeting for a signature through the signature software. The signature software doesn’t automatically remind the clients to sign, so the accounting firm has to follow up to make sure that all parties have signed the document. 

After finally getting all parties to sign the document, Accounting firm gets notified and proceeds to archive the document. In order to archive the document, the accounting firm needs to download the file from the signature software containing the signatures and then move it to the cloud storage space shared with the client, Google Drive. They have their own folder for each client in Google Drive, and in order to place the document to the correct folder, they have to go through the directory and select it manually. Finally the document finds its way to the correct folder and is archived. The accounting firm sends an email to the client that the task has been completed and they proceed with other tasks.

Sounds familiar? Let’s look at how the same process can be done while taking advantage of the tools and features in TaxDome:

Key benefits of software like TaxDome:

  1. All your important documents in a shared space for your team and clients
    Making it really easy to upload documents through the white-labeled client portal
    – Audit trail and history of who did what on which document
    – Secure storage in the cloud, which is backed up daily
  2. Centralized client communication
    Instant messaging tools integrated into the portal
    – Automatic reminders that can shorten the turnover of important document requests from 1 week to 1 day
    – Automated sending of messages and emails that include tasks for clients
    – Save attachments from emails automatically to clients’ own folder

Back to our example. Let’s say Business client sends an email to Accounting firm with the minutes of a board meeting that needs to be signed by all parties electronically. The accounting firm opens TaxDome and receives the email directly on the platform. They then proceed to save the attached document and upload it to the built-in electronic signature software. The signature software is integrated with TaxDome and automatically reminds all parties to sign, reducing the need for follow-up.

After all parties sign the document, Accounting firm gets notified and can proceed to archive the document in TaxDome’s secure cloud storage. The document is easily stored in the correct client folder, as TaxDome allows for easy organization and categorization of files.

Finally, the accounting firm sends a notification to the Business client that the task has been completed, all within TaxDome. No more juggling between multiple platforms and manual organization, as TaxDome streamlines all communication, document management, and bookkeeping tasks in one place.

With TaxDome, the entire process is more efficient, secure, and less time-consuming, making it the ideal solution for accounting firms looking to improve their workflow.

Centralizing client communication and sharing of documents is essential for any accounting, bookkeeping or tax consulting firm. It not only improves efficiency, but it also helps ensure that all important information is easily accessible and organized in one place. TaxDome is a practice management software that provides a centralized platform for client communication and document sharing, making it the ideal solution for professionals in the industry.

Watch how Kalle Granlund (TaxDome), Janne Fredman (Taloushallintoliitto) and Marko Salo (Tilitoimisto Smartoffice Oy) dive into real life use-cases of working with software like TaxDome at an accounting firm:

The video features an interview with Janne Fredman, leading expert in accounting and software from Taloushallintoliitto, and Marko Salo from Tilitoimisto Smartoffice Oy, a client of TaxDome, as they discuss the importance of seamless document transfer and communication between accounting firms and their clients. The TaxDome team highlighted the benefits of using a centralized platform such as TaxDome for client communication and document sharing, and how it improved the efficiency and organization of Tilitoimisto Smartoffice Oy. The video is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the real-life benefits of using TaxDome in an accounting office.

TaxDome offers a range of other features such as task and appointment management, time tracking and reporting. These features help improve overall productivity and efficiency, enabling firms to work more effectively.

Overall, TaxDome is a powerful practice management software that provides a centralized platform for client communication and document sharing. By automating communication and document sharing, it helps to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and streamline the accounting, bookkeeping and tax consulting process.

To learn more and see TaxDome in action, visit our website and schedule a demo. Try TaxDome today and improve your workflow.

Kalle Granlund

Kalle Granlund

Kalle is TaxDome’s trusted manager in the beautiful Nordic region of Europe, leading the company’s expansion in the happiest countries in the world. Kalle loves to chat and interact with people and seeks to improve the culture, community, and relationships wherever he goes. The energy that he gets from these interactions transforms into creativity and problem solving that the market requires constantly. Travelling, coffee, sports, dad jokes, and meaningful conversations are close to his heart.

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