Feb 14 2023 / TaxDome Updates

February 2023 Update

February 2023 Update
Julia Gorn

Julia Gorn

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This month, we’ve introduced a number of improvements to make your workflow during busy season as fast and efficient as possible. To plan your work more efficiently and be aware of upcoming deadlines, we’ve added new Calendar views and filters. We’ve also integrated the CRM & Organizer features, allowing you to automatically update tags in client accounts based on client responses in organizers, enabling future automations to be more customized, all with no manual work from your team. In addition to these upgrades, redesigned input fields to be clearer, updated the account creation interface and added the ability to share access to Wiki pages with your clients. Read below to find out more about these features and more.

Sneak peek: with a focus on team collaboration, we will soon roll out the ability to @mention your colleagues and leave comments in Jobs.


Tags in Client Accounts Automatically Updated Based on Client Responses in Organizers

Using organizers in TaxDome is a great way to obtain information from your clients, whether one-off (annual tax return, client intake form, etc.) or recurring (monthly payroll or bookkeeping).

With this release, data input into your organizers can be integrated into your CRM automatically by applying and removing account tags from client responses. As a reminder, Tags in TaxDome are both informative (find the clients you need) and powerful (conditional automations based on tags).

With this update, this entire chain of events can happen automatically, reducing manual work and creating additional flexibility in automation. By automatically  assigning tags to client accounts from organizer responses, tasks can be automatically delivered to the right team members, clients can receive targeted messages, and once the tag is assigned, automation will be triggered to move the Job further in the pipeline.

More on assigning tags automatically from organizer answers>>

Streamlined 2-step account creation and easier navigation

We’ve redesigned two of the most used screens in TaxDome: the account creation screen and the info page of each account.  Creating client accounts is faster, with fewer clicks and within a single sidebar: you don’t have to open other tabs to add new contacts, custom fields, or create tags.

Additionally, we’ve removed subtabs on the account screen. Tags and team members assigned to the account are visible right on the info page.  

Read more to find out how the new interface of Client Account Creation will reduce your time spent on CRM operations>> 

When creating or editing an account, here are other actions you can perform without having to open extra tabs:

Adding a contact by using the +NEW button has been improved as well and is consistent with the new design and functionality of contact management.

📑 Wiki pages

New: the ability to grant “view” access to clients

As a reminder, Wiki pages allow accounting firms to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their practice. Initially, we created these SOPs, or Wiki Pages, for internal use, so that you could create instructions or guidance for your team members, for example.

And now you can use Wiki Pages to communicate with clients – share memos, instructions, pricing schedules and more

wiki page

Sneak peek: This feature will be expanded in the near future. In addition to sharing Wiki Pages with clients, you’ll be able to provide more granular access within the firm: to decide which members of your team can view, edit, or have restricted access.

Read more about Wiki Pages in our Help Center>>

📅 Calendar

Calendar improvements: new view and filter options

We’ve added the Start date field to Jobs to more effectively plan your work.

Previously, the start date was the same as the date you created the Job. Now, you can use the new “start date” field to plan future projects for you and your team. 

We’ve also added an ability for you to focus on upcoming deadlines. Now you can view Jobs/Tasks by deadlines in the Calendar by switching to the “Show due date only” view mode.

due date only

Learn more about Calendar views in our Help Center>>

🤖 Workflow

Export of all metadata is now available for Jobs, Tasks and Contacts. Export files will now contain all of the metadata – that is, they will include all associated data for the account, such as contacts or Jobs linked to it, and not just the columns that you see on the TaxDome interface. 

We’re in the process of releasing this upgraded functionality to Accounts, Invoices, Payments and Time entries in the near future. 

🎨 UX: Redesigned text input fields

Our team continues to work on improving the overall user experience and making it more intuitive. That means that we create consistent, predictable and user-friendly design across all areas of TaxDome (messages, emails, tags, organizers, firm settings, Jobs and more).

We’ve now made it easier for you to know where you are on the page and which fields you can edit. We refreshed the color scheme (adding a blue outline to the field in focus, and graying out inactive fields) so that you can distinguish between the fields that are being edited and the fields that aren’t. Now you can easily spot the text input fields to enter text. 

🔥 Other

  • TaxDome Quick Guide: join an onboarding course with a cheat sheet to set up TaxDome for your firm in 2 hours. Take the course! 
  • Onboarding new employees? We’ve put together an onboarding checklist with the essential steps to ensure a smooth team management experience: how to set employee access rights, manage seasonal employees, assign team members to clients and more.
  • Have you joined our early access program? Early access users get to use and comment on our new features first. Read about it and join the program>>

All of the above—plus 55 more tweaks and fixes! Join our Facebook Community to ask questions, request features or chat with other TaxDome users. 

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features we covered in our previous post.

Julia Gorn

Julia Gorn

Julia is the content lead at TaxDome. She creates dynamic and clear strategy for communicating changes and updates in TaxDome – so that you are always in the loop and the first to know about the non-obvious benefits of the many TaxDome features. Dedicated to improving your user experience, Julia focuses on informing you of the most important changes through our articles, posts and emails.

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