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October 2023 update

October 2023 update

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new client mobile apps for iOS and Android. We’ve also rolled out a host of exciting enhancements this month, including new custom field formats for our CRM, QuickBooks Online integration improvements, an easier way to create new accounts using our desktop app and a host of UX improvements spanning invoicing, time entries and more.

Sneak peek: 

Our Early Access Community got their hands on our new Proposals and ELs (formerly Contracts). This new update allows firms to set expectations, pitch their services, explain the value they bring and secure timely payments — all in one place (see more in this video). Proposals and ELs will be available for full release soon. 

Watch a video overview of all our new features and improvements:

📱 Apps

New client mobile app

We’re excited to launch our new client mobile apps for iOS and Android. The apps have been designed to make it easier for your clients to interact with your firm and complete important actions. 

Here’s an overview of key features and enhancements: 

  • Revamped home page designed to help your clients access information faster
  • Large visible buttons to perform quick actions such as uploading or scanning documents, allowing clients to perform key tasks with one click
  • Integration with email: clients can open links in their email, and it will take them directly to the app
  • Improved chats interface to ask questions, view client tasks and easily scan or attach documents
  • Push notifications to keep your clients in the loop on all important updates
  • Face ID and Touch ID for an extra layer of security

A new-look home page lets clients know what they need to do, and take swift action

Read more about our new client app in this blog post >>


More formats for custom fields

You can now store account and contact data in a range of new custom field formats, providing greater flexibility to your CRM. Here’s how it works:

  • Create format-specific custom fields for dates, tax IDs, dropdown menus and users
  • The user custom field allows you to specify different user roles for any given account (e.g. project leader, reviewer, employee responsible for account). You can also filter by user role in the account list.
  • Protection from costly typos: TaxDome tells you if your entry is in the wrong format
  • New custom fields work seamlessly with existing features such as search, filters and shortcodes

Future plans: integration with organizers — when a client completes an organizer using our new custom fields, the info will be automatically stored in your CRM.

Read more about custom field formats here >>

💰 Time and billing

Added “class” and “location” fields for invoices, integrated with QuickBooks Online

To improve reporting and invoice tracking, you can now assign classes (such as employee names) and locations (such as different offices) to invoices. Set up the QuickBooks Online integration in your workspace and classes and locations created in QuickBooks Online will automatically appear in TaxDome, making it easier to categorize invoices.

Note: classes and locations are for internal use only and are not displayed in the client portal or on PDFs.

More on how to set classes and locations in your invoices here >>

Delete recurring invoices

When creating recurring invoices, you can indicate how often you want the invoice to recur. However, if after the client agrees to the recurring invoice you need to cancel it while there are still recurrences remaining, you can now delete recurring invoices that you no longer need. This applies to both active recurring invoices and those saved as drafts. 

Once deleted, any future authorized payments connected to a particular recurring invoice will automatically be canceled. 

This update is particularly useful if you want to test the recurring invoices functionality. 

Read more about how to manage recurring invoices here >>

🖥️ Desktop app

Create new accounts while uploading client documents

You can now create a new client account (individual or company) while uploading documents via the TaxDome desktop app. This saves you the time and hassle of logging into the web portal, enabling you to create new client accounts on the spot.

We’ve also made updates to the bulk upload tool, recognizing and auto-substituting the names of existing accounts to save clicks. 

Example: if you have a “John Smith” account and a “Smith, John” folder to upload, TaxDome will recognize that both of these belong to the same entity.

We’ve also made it easier to resolve upload errors. You can now use new tabs to easily track files with errors (such as an unsupported file extension) or those that don’t match existing accounts — and click “Retry” to reupload them instantly.

Coming soon: edit folder structures or apply templates within the desktop app

Read more on how to upload documents using our desktop app >>

📚 Documents

New “Mark as read” button

We’ve also added a new “Mark as read” button, making it easier to see which documents have already been viewed by your team, and which still need attention. This is a follow-up to the pre-existing “Mark as read for client” button, which allows you to control which documents your clients see as “New” in their client portal.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Once files are marked as read, they will no longer be labeled as “New” for your entire team
  • Mark documents as read either individually or in bulk
  • Access this button in the Docs tab of a client’s profile page or via the Docs tab of your Documents page

Read more about marking documents as read here  >>

New smart document view

To enhance readability, we’ve made a UX improvement to the way documents are displayed in TaxDome. 

Now, when you click to view a document, it fills the screen by default. If there’s any additional information — for example, the reason why a document was rejected — it will be shown in the right sidebar. You can then choose to hide that information by clicking “Hide more info”. 

More on previewing documents in TaxDome here >>

🤖 Workflow

View additional info about time entries in the job sidebar

We’ve enhanced the way time entries are displayed in TaxDome. 

Now, when you click on a job in a pipeline, you can see more detailed information about the time entries connected to that job, including:

  • Description
  • Assignees
  • Duration

Clicking on a description will open the time entry sidebar, where you can edit the corresponding time entry with ease.

As a reminder — you can create invoices directly from time entries in TaxDome. Read more about this process here.

Read more about working with time entries and linking them to jobs >>

🎥 Product webinars

Join us for live daily webinars designed to get you up to speed on workflow automation, document management, team collaboration, billing and more. 

Below are the webinars available — you can catch them live every week (with Q&A), and you can also watch the recordings at any time.

🔥 Other

  • TaxDome subscriptions can now be paid directly from your bank account with ACH (automatic clearing house) payments, in addition to credit cards. You can set your default payment method to bank transfer or credit card in the Team & Plans tab — and change it at any time. This update is currently available only for US firms, but stay tuned for more news.
  • TaxDome Certified Advisor Program coming soon: we plan to launch official certification for our Academy courses in November 2023 — stay tuned for more news on how to become a TaxDome Certified Advisor
  • Enhanced date filter for the Tasks to-do widget on your dashboard: you can now view tasks that are due on specific future dates or during custom time periods. You can even create several widgets with different settings — for example, you could have one for tasks due today and another for tasks due this week. Once set up, “today” and “this week” automatically change based on the current date (read more here)
  • New multistep form and validation for job recurrence: improved UI makes it easier to create and edit job recurrences (read more here)

All of the above — plus 60 more tweaks and fixes! Join our Facebook Community to ask questions, request features or chat with other TaxDome users. 

In case you missed it, here’s a summary of the major features we covered in our previous post.

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