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BHR Finans & Regnskap AS: achieving efficiency to grow by 9% in 12 months with TaxDome

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Staff: 13 employees

Location: offices in Sandefjord and Sandnes, Norway

Services provided: accounting, company registration, payroll services, advisory

Started using TaxDome: December 16, 2022

Growth statistic: added 20 new clients in past year

Meet Ekaterina Verulidze, the general manager of BHR Finans & Regnskap, an accounting firm based in Norway. With offices in both Sandefjord and Sandnes, BHR Finans & Regnskap AS is a mid-sized company of 13 employees serving around 250 clients across multiple industries, including construction, transport and maritime.

BHR Finans & Regnskap AS offers a range of services – from bookkeeping and payroll to financial reporting and annual accounts. They also assist international clients in registering with the Norwegian Tax Administration, and their employees with the required paperwork.

In light of EU’s recent anti-money laundering directives, Norway has updated its Anti-Money Laundering Act to include more stringent requirements for customer due diligence and transaction screening. 

To ensure that the company is well-positioned to help clients comply with the new requirements, BHR Finans & Regnskap sought a solution to streamline and organize its processes.

Let’s hear from Ekaterina on how TaxDome helped BHR Finans & Regnskap achieve this.

The challenge

Manual, multi-step onboarding process

From customer checks to securing contracts, everything was done by hand across multiple systems. As Ekaterina noted:

I actually had a manual list of the new customers that came in. And then I had to find an Excel table and mark all the steps that needed to be performed.

When serving multiple new clients at once, this process became even more challenging: vulnerable to human errors and extremely time-consuming, given the volume of administrative tasks involved.

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Lack of oversight

Without a consolidated solution, the status for each client existed in multiple places, and the team needed to check them all, as Ekaterina shared:

I had to check both Excel and the quality assurance system every time too to get an overview….

She added that the most important aspect of the process is “getting control and having control over the status when there are so many different clients.”

While this approach initially worked, efficient scaling required streamlining this decentralized process in one system.

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Serving customers from different countries

In addition, addressing the needs of clients from different countries further complicated matters. There was now a need for more languages, as well as customized documents, questionnaires and emails. Manually creating personalized materials puts a strain on the firm’s staff. 

The solution

Automated workflows for client onboarding

With TaxDome website integration, onboarding workflows are now automatically triggered when new customers submit inquiries. As the firm’s general manager explained it:

One of our goals is to grow…And I think the first customer experience is very important.

TaxDome’s built-in reminders and status notifications add transparency and streamline tracking of each client’s journey without manual oversight. This automation is supplemented by TaxDome’s Inbox+ feature, which centralizes critical client interactions including form submissions, document approvals, new messages and more. 

More than just notifications, Inbox+ serves as a unified hub to finish tasks, view documents and communicate with clients, keeping everything related to a project in one collaborative space.

Overview of all the clients’ processes

In their pursuit of sustainable growth, BHR Finans & Regnskap AS settled on TaxDome as their centralized system and single source of truth to track all their client info and documents – so that they could maintain oversight.  As Ekaterina shared:

With TaxDome, we managed to get an overview of the entire process…TaxDome has helped us get a good and structured overview.

This was enabled through TaxDome’s pipelines, which are visualizations of projects with particular stages. As jobs progress through predefined steps in the pipeline, teams maintain visibility into where every client assignment stands.

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Customization and tailored experiences

Serving a diverse clientele demands adaptability – customizing languages, documents and processes on the fly. TaxDome provided the flexibility BHR Finans & Regnskap needed to support clients worldwide.

TaxDome’s multilingual capabilities save valuable time while ensuring a positive experience for global customers. Ekaterina commented:

Customers are very happy when they get information in their language.

The firm also increased efficiency by creating custom emails and organizers. For example, TaxDome’s organizers simplify the client questionnaire process: rather than generic PDF forms, organizers adapt in real-time with conditional logic to show only the relevant questions based on client responses.

And TaxDome’s versatility goes even further – you can build fully customized workflows to handle unique client processes. Conditional logic based on assigned tags enables adding specialized steps, such as extra documentation requirements or sending tailored emails.

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Scalability as a result of improved client experience

  • Significant time savings: automation eliminates manual administrative work, allowing the firm to allocate resources to growth and serving more clients
  • Easier client acquisition: new clients can complete the onboarding process with automated step-by-step guidance in their language
  • Enhanced professional image: timely personalized emails and automatic reminders, in addition with the branded website, make the firm appear more professional and credible for new clients

With intelligent workflows, a consolidated view and the ability to customize to their needs, TaxDome helped BHR Finans & Regnskap improve the client experience and unlock scalability and growth.

If you also aim to scale operations efficiently, TaxDome may be a great fit to help you streamline workflows and free up the time you need. Contact us for a personalized demo.

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