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Project Apollo: the usability initiative

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Julia Gorn

Julia Gorn

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Project Apollo, aimed at you and your clients working together better, more organized and with increased productivity. Project Apollo brings together extensive research, user feedback, and our team’s expertise in design and engineering to add new functionality and rethink the overall TaxDome interface.

The goal is simple: make every interaction fast, intuitive, and effective. Over the coming months, Project Apollo will continually roll out updates and new features – all laser-focused on your and your clients’ experience.

On August 23 we held a live webinar on Project Apollo. You can access our Q&A transcript with helpful tips below.

We have also recorded the whole webinar — for your convenience. 

Here are some of the most exciting improvements you can expect with the initial launch:

Redesigned client experience

Project Apollo reimagines key aspects of the client experience to make it faster and more convenient.

New native Android and iOS client mobile app

The rebuilt native mobile apps for iOS and Android are engineered for seamless use on the go. Now in beta, the apps have been redesigned from the ground up based on client feedback to provide the best mobile experience.

New client portal

The revamped client portal enables faster turnaround on anything your firm needs clients to complete. On the homepage, they can now access quick actions to upload documents, book appointments and more. And the new “Waiting for Action” section has an organized list of all outstanding items which require a client’s response. 

Redesigned organizers, engineered for convenience and high completion rates

We gamified organizers to reduce stress for your clients and increase the odds of completion,  testing shows 25%+ higher satisfaction scores from accountants and their clients.

We worked to make your own experience a blast too. Project Apollo will enable you to approach internal processes differently: speed things up and filter out unnecessary fluff.

Designed with electric speed and maximum customization in mind

Customize your workspace to focus on what matters most. Features like adjustable tables and revamped filters let you tune out background noise and only see what you need and when you need it.

Quickly find data via redesigned tables

The redesigned tables let you quickly find info by: 

  • Adjusting the column width to fit all the info 
  • Hiding or showing columns based on each teammate’s specific needs 

  • Accessing filters with a single click

  • Making sure account names remain in sight at all times when scrolling horizontally — similarly to Excel’s “Freeze column” feature

  • …and more!

View only the info you need with revamped filters and additional logic

Powerful new filter logic allows you to create complex queries and only see the data that’s most important to you. Filter to find specific tags, assignees, e-signature statuses – whatever you need.

Need to find all new clients with the ‘1120’ tag that are not assigned to Bob, Mary, or Keith and have outstanding e-signature requests? No problem, the new filters make even complex queries easy to perform!

CRM organization with new tags page

We’ve made our Tags page in Settings way more informative so that you can easily see how tags are used across projects and better organize your workspace. Сlick each number to view associated clients, tasks, and more. 

Your feedback is central to all the updates we make

Project Apollo has been shaped directly by your suggestions and feedback. You, our clients, are at the core of everything we do. Based on your requests, here are some of our currently updates in the works:

Redesigned sidebar and navigation

Since their initial introduction, our features have expanded and it’s time for a navigation reboot. The new menu sports a cleaner look and reorganized sections, leading to fewer clicks and more clarity.

Easier linking of all elements to jobs

Jobs are the core of the work you do at your firm. We’ve made it easier to view the full picture and see all necessary job info on one screen with faster methods of linking all elements to jobs.

Get started easily

“There’s nothing here yet” doesn’t feel like a complete message – so we added a “New” button anywhere you are shown empty information, enabling you to take action right from that screen. We’ve also included helpful tips on getting started.

Infrastructure and stability

Our goal is to provide a workspace that is fast, easy to use and packed with essential features to streamline your practice. We are constantly working on product updates in response to client needs and in accordance with our vision. That’s why we continually invest in TaxDome’s infrastructure, speed and scalability.

Find out more about crucial infrastructure improvements that have and will continue to lead to performance improvements in your workspace in the coming years >>

Project Apollo: the usability initiative

Project Apollo represents the next step in streamlining your workflows. Be the first to find out about — and test — exclusive features designed to take your productivity to the next level.

As an early access user, you get to test the latest innovations and provide valuable input to help shape TaxDome. 

Join our early access program and sign up for the Apollo webinars.  Be the first one to witness the new era of optimized workflows.


How can I be first to access new features within Project Apollo?

You can do so by joining our Early Access program here

How can I find out more about upcoming webinars?

Click “Sign up for Project Apollo webinars” — and you’ll get an email notification about signing up. You’ll also receive several reminders about upcoming webinars: a couple of days before and on the day they are held.

Where can I access a particular webinar’s recording?

Missed a webinar? Not a problem: we’ll email you the recording, just make sure to sign up for it.

I don’t have a TaxDome subscription: can I still access Project Apollo features?

In that case, you should sign up for our demo first.

How often will you hold webinars on different features?

We hold webinars once every two months or so.

Can I have a say in new features, what I’d personally like to see added?

Certainly! All you need is to leave a feature request on our feature request board. Clients just like you are upvoting features all the time – and we pay attention. 

Julia Gorn

Julia Gorn

Julia is the content lead at TaxDome. She creates dynamic and clear strategy for communicating changes and updates in TaxDome – so that you are always in the loop and the first to know about the non-obvious benefits of the many TaxDome features. Dedicated to improving your user experience, Julia focuses on informing you of the most important changes through our articles, posts and emails.

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